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Wellness: Orange Valley Opens its First Seniors Service Centre in Ang Mo Kio

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Private nursing homes provider Orange Valley now serves the elderly in Ang Mo Kio as the group opened its first Seniors Service Centre in the area.

Situated at the foot of Block 307D in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, the Seniors Service Centre functions as a socio-recreational and rehabilitation hub for elderly residents living in the HDB studio apartments above the centre and in the vicinity.

Orange Valley, through its unit One Care Zone, said the set up its first Seniors Service Centre in Ang Mo Kio aims to create a happy and healthy lifestyle where the elderly can be mentally, socially and physically active.

The centre’s staff are trained to respond to emergencies and are able to provide assistance should the emergency pull cord system be activated by the elderly living in the studio apartments above the centre. Care advisory is also available to assist seniors in obtaining relevant services through an information and referral counter for walk-in residents.

“We are committed to serve residents above 55 years of age and living in the studio apartments in Teck Ghee Vista and nearby precinct.  Some of the free services provided at the centre are the socio-recreational activities which the residents will find useful,” said Tan Soo Sam, Founder & CEO of Orange Valley Healthcare Pte Ltd.

Some of the facilities provided at this Seniors Service Centre include corners for socio-recreational activity, therapy, newspaper reading, internet browsing and retail healthcare products.  There are also chargeable services such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatments and soon to be available, medical consultation.

At present, 10.8 per cent of Singapore’s citizens are aged 65 and above. By 2030, this age-group is expected to increase to 18.7 per cent and in 2050, the population in Singapore could be the fourth oldest in the world – after Macau, Japan and Korea.