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Tech: Sisvel Introduces Breakthrough 3D Technology

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By Donavan Lim

Viewing technology is ever on the move and it happens on both TV and movie platforms. Over the next five years will see broadcasters around the world make the switch to digital TV to save bandwidth; while more and more motion pictures are being served using 3D technology.

The success of various 3D films such as The Avatar and the ongoing switch toward digital broadcasting from analogue will in turn encourage more content producers to weave their film in 3D magic.

Here in Singapore, the government announced early this month that the Singapore’s free-to-air (FTA) TV channels will go fully digital by the end of 2013 using the DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial) broadcasting standard.

Thus, the decision to go digital and 3D is not a question of if but when. Currently, broadcasters worldwide are doing trial runs to decide on which 3D format to utilise.

Step in Sisvel Technology with its proprietary 3D Tile Format.

Sisvel Technology was formed in 2009 as the R&D centre of the Sisvel Group, one of the world leaders in managing intellectual property and maximising the value of patent rights.

“At Sisvel Technology, we have a bunch of engineers working on revolutionary television technology and the 3D Tile format is a result of their effort,” said Ettore Giannuzzi, Business Development Engineer of Sisvel Technology, in an exclusive interview with Biz Daily.

Ettore Giannuzzi, Business Development Engineer

The 3D Tile Format enables delivery of HD 3D content with a higher quality than current solutions and allows broadcasters to transmit a single service for 2D and 3D audiences. Consumers with 3D equipment can fully enjoy a 3D viewing experience while consumers with 2D HD (high-definition) TV sets will appreciate the service in 2D.

The main advantage of the Tile Format is “it utilises only a HD channel for the transmission of 3D and 2D programmes thereby allowing the broadcaster to save precious bandwidth and it also could be used on any broadcasting platform,” added Ettore.

The 3D Tile Format is ready to be adopted by the market and Sisvel Technology has been introducing the 3D Tile Format to standardisation bodies, content producers, hardware manufacturers as well as broadcasters for its adoption.

In particular, negotiations have been conducted with broadcasters in Vietnam, China and several European countries.

“By the end of the year, the 3D tile format will be broadcasted in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities,” said Ettore. Vietnam is making the switch to digital technology for its broadcasting stations and looking forward to the introduction of 3D services.

“In Italy, two local broadcasters covering Piedmont and Tuscany regions with a population of 10 million people have committed to using the 3D Tile Format. SES has also launched a 3DTV service deploying Tile Format all over Europe on Astra 19.2°E satellite. Talks with some Chinese broadcasters have also been conducted satisfactorily,” he added.