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Singaporean Employers to Add Headcount in 3Q2012

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by Donavan Lim


Despite the doom and gloom permeating the world economies, Singapore employers are planning to ramp up hiring in the coming 3Q2012.

According to the latest Manpower Employment Survey released by US-based recruitment firm, ManpowerGroup, 26 per cent of employers are forecasting an increase in staff level, 69 per cent are expecting no change and only the remaining 3 per cent expects a decrease.

Employers in all seven industry sectors expect an increase in headcount. Employers in the Public Administration & Education sector are the most optimistic with an outlook of 40 per cent, followed by employers in the Mining & Construction sector (25 per cent), and Transportation & Utilities (21 per cent).

However, although employers in the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sector employers report a positive outlook of 17 per cent, this is 19 percentage points lower year-on-year.

The Manufacturing and Services sector remain upbeat with outlooks of 18 per cent and 16 per cent, respectively.

Yet it must be noted that on a yearly basis, that five out of the seven industry sector reported weaker hiring intention. Aside from the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sector, outlook decline are reported in the Services sector and the Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade sector as well as Transportation and Utilities sector.

“A positive growth curve in the Asia Pacific region is driving a demand for talent. Hiring prospects continue to improve in third quarter which indicates that employers are seeing growth in the Asia Pacific region,” said Linda Teo, country manager of Manpower Singapore.

“With possible expansion plans in the pipelines, employers recognise that this growth requires precisely the right talent to give their organisations a competitive edge,” she added.

The survey polled 657 employers in Singapore on their hiring expectations for the third quarter.