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Singapore Workforce Says Career Coaching Helps Productivity

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by Donavan Lim

Career coaching is the key to creating a more productive Singapore workforce, according to a global survey by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half.

The survey of 6,000 employees across 12 countries including more than 500 from Singapore shows that the workforce in Singapore responds better to coaching in the workplace than employees in any other country.

Around 95 per cent of Singapore respondents said career coaching improves their job performance as compared to the global average of 78 per cent.  Singapore also topped the list of countries that benefit from career coaching, ahead of Brazil (94 per cent), Hong Kong (88 per cent) and Australia (85 per cent).

“More than any other country, Singaporeans respond favourably to workplace coaching.  It can improve performance, increase job satisfaction and make employees more motivated to contribute to the organisation,” noted Stella Tang, Director of Robert Half Singapore.

“The positive response to workplace coaching also suggests that employers in Singapore can use coaching as a means of improving their company’s productivity.”

Singapore also headed the global list of employees who find career coaching boosts their job satisfaction, with 97 per cent stating that having a good coach is important to being a happy employee.

The ideal quality of a workplace coach, however, differs with various age groups.

Around 36 per cent of Singapore employees under the age of 35 greatly value the knowledge and expertise of the coach, while only 26 per cent of employees older than 35 look for this quality.

In contrast, 25 per cent of employees older than 35 place a greater value on mutual trust and respect as compared with 20 per cent of employees under 32.

“As the needs of employees differ according to their age, employers need to adapt and provide different coaching to different employees if they want to get the best results,” Tang said.