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Singapore Makes Fresh Investment in Solar Technology

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By Donavan Lim

Singapore’s Energy Innovation Programme Office (EIPO) announced Wednesday that it has awarded up to S$11.0 million to further develop the country’s solar energy capabilities.

The sum was awarded, under the fifth grant call of the Clean Energy Research Programme (CERP) administered by EIPO, was granted to five research teams and focuses on two areas: Improving Silicon Wafer-based Solar Cell Manufacturing Processes and Technologies and Thin-film solar cells based on the Chalcopyrite Materials System.

Through the grant, Singapore aims to develop better manufacturing technology for Silicon Wafer-based Solar Cell thereby saving module cost as well as developing manufacturing capabilities for the chalcopyrite materials system, such as copper-indium-selenide (CIS) and copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS), and its variants like copper-zinc-tin-sulphide (CZTS) or copper-zinc tin selenide (CZTSe).

“The research topics for this latest competitive funding round represent the next step forward for Singapore in solar energy research. We believe that Singapore can leverage its broad-based manufacturing strengths to catalyse new innovations in the manufacturing processes of silicon wafer-based solar cells. The additional focus on thin-film solar cells will also diversify our research capabilities, and strengthen Singapore’s leadership position in clean energy research, innovation and commercialisation,” said Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Dr Beh Swan Gin said.

The CERP was launched by EIPO in 2007 to accelerate research and development efforts to help drive the growth of the Clean Energy industry in Singapore. With the completion of this latest grant call, the funding for CERP is now fully committed.




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