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Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition to Cut Costs for Mid-sized Businesses

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Recently launched in Singapore and Malaysia, the Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition business management software is expected to cut costs for mid-sized businesses with complex operational needs.

Currently, this Sage solution is available in 30 countries such as France and Germany.

Low Gee Sing, Managing Director of Sage Asia, said: “Mid-market enterprises are growing rapidly in Asia. As such, there is an increasing demand for business automation in this part of the world. Our flexible ERP solution enables business owners to enhance the productivity of their companies, thus allowing them to take their businesses to greater heights.”

According to Sage, a key benefit of Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition is its speed of implementation, which is achieved through pre-configuration and a library of over 440 reports, reducing the resources required for training users.

The product also employs a framework and an embedded setup wizard tool (with over 200 processes) to accelerate implementation. This is achieved through the collation of best practices shared by existing customers – those with as many as 50 system users.

Such ease of implementation is already evident for example in South Africa, where this ERP solution was officially launched last month.

Michael Breckle, Managing Director of Omega Refrigeration, said: “The implementation process has been relatively short as the solution was ‘live’ within 44 days and we are already starting to reap the benefits offered by Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition. We are confident that the system will further enhance our business processes and are planning to expand this system later this year.”

Sage said another key strength of Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition is its broad scope of operation, which includes distribution, financial and manufacturing processes. This business management solution streamlines operations through extensive pre-configuration and the interactive graphical feature Sage Visual Processes, which allows modification by individual users or the company.

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition also provides a comprehensive, embedded methodology kit with more than 100 deliverables to structure the project scope, manage decisions and anticipate risks, ensuring quality in managing budgets and deadlines.

For enquiries, contact:

Nurjanna Ng, Sage Asia

Tel: +65-6336-6118 (ext 606)