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Roberto Coin Launches CapriPlus Creating a Culinary and Visual Extravaganza

First for Hong Kong … luxury jewellery brand

HONG KONG, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — On 7 April 2011, Roberto Coin, the luxury Italian jewellery brand held an extraordinary event to launch the CapriPlus collection at the Michelin Star BO Innovation restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong.  More than 25 VIP media from Hong Kong attended the event for an exclusive preview of the CapriPlus collection which was introduced by Mrs Pilar Cabo Coin, Roberto Coin’s Global Brand and Marketing Director, who travelled from Italy for the guest appearance.

(From the right) Mrs. Pilar Cabo Coin, Brand and Marketing Director, Roberto Coin, and Demon Chef Alvin Leung, Bo Innovation, at the CapriPlus Collection launching event.

The culinary extravaganza with CapriPlus Collection by ROBERTO COIN. One of the dishes was inspired by the white gold bangle with diamonds and black sapphires

In line with its brand philosophy of “Style Innovation”, Roberto Coin collaborated with “Demon Chef” Alvin Leung, the owner of Michelin Start, BO Innovation, to create a culinary extravaganza for VIPs that reflected the essence of the CapriPlus collection.

Mrs. Coin explains: “Our jewellery pieces and Alvin Leung’s selection of dishes was a perfect match because of the connection between a culinary and visual experience.  This communicated our key messages of creativity, style and innovation and the essence of the CapriPlus collection and the Roberto Coin brand. What better way to bring the essence of this collection to life than a culinary experience created by Demon Chef Alvin Leung known for integrating his creativity and innovation into his culinary creations.”

Inspired by the exquisite CapriPlus Collection, Alvin created five special dishes which saw molecular gastronomy presented on a range of different textures and surfaces to create an extraordinary art pieces. Each dish was themed by one special material used in the CapriPlus Collection, which includes: black diamond, rose gold, amethyst, brown diamonds and ebony. The highlight of the evening was dessert which captured the creative design concept of the CapriPlus Collection.

Chef Alvin Leung described the creative process: “It was such an honour to work with Roberto Coin. I was very excited when I was invited to collaborate and interpret my inspiration of the collection through a culinary experience.” As part of his culinary creation, a highlight dish for dessert was created  – a traditional Shanghai dessert, “8 Bo rice” – which perfectly captured the theme of the night. A variety of ingredients were used to create the dessert, as Chef Alvin wanted to highlight the richness of materials and colours used in the overall CapriPlus Collection. Another reason for creating the “8 Bo rice” was that desserts, like jewellery, are a woman’s all time favourite.

“All the guests were very excited to see the fusion of style and innovation… it was spectacular.” Mrs. Coin commented.

Roberto Coin was inspired to create his new CapriPlus collection by the Italian island of Capri which is frequented by the world’s “jet set” crowd.  “My inspiration came from the deep rich hues of colours reflected by the sun and sea coupled with the fragrance and richness of the shapes found on the island such as smooth elegant pebbles washed up along the shoreline,” explains Roberto Coin.  “There is a tremendous amount of style and elegance to be found throughout the island from the fragrance and perfume of the native flowers, to the ocean and sunsets…to me, Capri also represents love and romance.”

The signature feature of the CapriPlus collection of bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants are the enchanting shades of coloured stones and diamonds combined with a variety of unique finishes and materials.  These include gold (yellow, rose, white), sliver, reconstructed ebony wood, diamonds (e.g. ice grey, natural brown and colourless), black sapphires, blue topaz, lemon quartz, amethyst and moonstones.

CapriPlus collection will be available at all Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong from April 7th 2011. 

Company Profile

In 1977, Roberto Coin founded the company that bore his name in Vicenza, known as Italy’s city of Gold.  Initially, the company was involved with jewellery production on behalf of some of the most prestigious jewellery brands. Then, in 1996, the Roberto Coin brand was launched and four years later it was recognised as the seventh best known jewellery brand in the United States and by 2002, the brand was ranked third in the world and the first among Italian jewellers.

Today, with headquarters based in Vicenza, Roberto Coin has over 800 sales outlets around the world, including Roberto Coin Inc. in New York City, Fifth Avenue.  In Hong Kong, Roberto Coin’s jewellery is available exclusively at Lane Crawford in ifc mall, Pacific Place and Tsim Sha Tsui.

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