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Marketplace: Bosch GLM 80 Professional Combines Laser Rangefinder and Digital Inclinometer

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by Ong Wei Ping

The new Bosch GLM 80 Professional is a laser rangefinder and digital inclinometer. Employing laser technology, it is multi-functional and measures distances, areas and volumes conveniently. Reputedly the first combination of a laser rangefinder and a digital inclinometer, it also measures precise inclination when paired with the R 60 Professional.

It is compact and light in weight. Measuring 51 mm by 111 mm by 30 mm and weighing 0.14 kg, its small size makes it a convenient tool to carry around. Its protective canvas pouch has an open Velcro loop on the reverse, making it easy to attach it to tool belts or work vests when working.

Also, the Bosch GLM 80 Professional is a user friendly tool. The buttons are large, easy to press and clearly reflect their various functions. The instruction manual is also comprehensive, and does a good job of initiating new users to the tool’s various functions.

In addition, the tool keeps an impressive memory of the last 20 measurements made, allowing the user to review measurements taken earlier at a later time.

The tool measures distances of up to 80 metres with the measurement time typically within 0.5 seconds. It automatically detects the alignment of the tool and the screen rotates together with its alignment, making the measurements a breeze to read even when measuring distances to the left, right or downwards.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it has a long lifespan. The battery gauge is clearly displayed on the top left hand corner of the screen, alerting the user when the battery is low and in need of charging. As with most devices today, it is charged via a standard USB port. Three hours is required for a full charge of the instrument.

The tool employs a Class 2 laser, which may be intense for the human eye when viewed directly for a long time. Caution is advised when taking measurements.

As impressive as the Bosch GLM 80 Professional is, a downside is that the range of the inclinometer is limited to between -60o and +60o. When measuring angles of greater or less than 60 o, the screen merely indicates that angle is more or less than 60 o.

Overall, the Bosch GLM 80 Professional is a good laser rangefinder and an adequate digital inclinometer in a small package.

For more information, visit:, or call the toll-free hotline at: 1800-333-8333.

Some main stockists of the Bosch GLM 80 Professional in Singapore are:

Teck Cheong Hardware Pte Ltd

Tel: +65-64834796

Address: Blk 5022, Ang Mo Kio Ind Pk 2, #01-29
Singapore 569525

Meng Tat Hardware Co

Tel: +65-62929484

Address: Blk 3 Rochor Road #02-620 Rochor Centre
Singapore 181003

Homely Hardware Pte Ltd

Tel: +65-67482866

Address: No. 1 Ubi Crescent, #01-01
Singapore 408563

Lian Hock Hardware Ind Pte Ltd

Tel: +65-62943702

Address: 560-560A Serangoon Rd
Singapore 218177

Dunlite Pte Ltd

Tel: +65-63928180

Address: Blk 803 King George Ave #01-176
Singapore 200803

Eng Guan Hardware Pte Ltd

Tel: +65-62640833

Address: Blk 19 Pioneer Road North #01-100
Singapore 628466