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Insider Moves (March 5-9)

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by Ernie B. Calucag

Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund LP has sold in the open market 76.774 million shares in Hu An Cable and transferred 72,461,000 shares to Goka Limited pursuant to an existing share swap transaction entered into with Goka. As a result of these transactions, Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund LP has ceased to be a substantial shareholder of Hu An Cable while Goka increased its stake to 11.85 per cent from 3.44 per cent.

Investment company SSP Innovations disposed of its shares in paper maker UPP Holdings Ltd as part of a married deal. Meanwhile, Tong Kooi Ong purchased a total of 156.786 million shares in UPP Holdings at S$0.1678 each, giving him 29.92 per cent equity stake in the company.

Elsewhere, Hemma Holding Ltd purchased in off-market around 75,995,087 shares of China Healthcare Ltd at S$0.28 each. Hemma now owns 26.46 per cent of the nursing home provider. Goi Seng Hui was one of the sellers in the off-market, unloading all of his 63,380,678 shares in China Healthcare.

Meanwhile, Chow Kot Kit and Tse Chong Hing, both directors of Valuetronics Holdings, sold off their respective shares in Valuetronics at S$0.24 each. Chow and Tse decreased their shares to 17.34 per cent and 18.46 per cent each, respectively.