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Dining: Impressive Celebration Set Menus at Marina Mandarin’s Newly Renovated Peach Blossoms

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Peach Blossoms reopened recently after spending S$1 million in renovations just in time to celebrate Marina Mandarin’s 25th anniversary on January 14 next year.  The result is an elegant and ornately furnished 180-seater restaurant with four plush private dining rooms.

The décor is warm and accentuated with intricate Chinese engravings, rosewood furniture and sculptures.  This facelift also comes with a newly appointed head chef from Hong Kong, Chan Shun Wong.

Peach Blossoms is offering special commemorative set lunch and dinner menus to celebrate its makeover, which will give diners a taste of Chef Chan’s Cantonese cuisine.

So over a weekend, we dropped in to try the Celebration Set Lunch, which is priced at *S$45++ per person with a minimum of two people.  The offer is for one to dine free with every three paying diners.  We also ordered three dim sum dishes including a dessert to try.

For the dim sum dishes, we had the stir-fried radish cake with bean sprout in X.O. chilli sauce (S$5.80 per order).  The radish cake was fried with a fiery “wok hei” that exuded the right fragrance.  As a result, this dish was well executed such that we finished the radish cake in a jiffy.

The serving staff recommended the other new dim sum dish, which was the deep-fried prawn roll with cheese coated with filo string (S$5.80 for three pieces).  We loved this dish.  The filo string was crispy on the outside and the prawn was crunchy when we sank our teeth into it.  The cheese was not overpowering and although deep-fried, the dish was not cholesterol-clinging oily.

The first course of the Celebration Set Lunch was the Imperial Trio dim sum combinations.  It comprised siew mai and two other steamed dim sum dishes.  We rated all three dim sum dishes to be good and very refined.

The double-boiled black chicken soup with cordycep flower was refreshing.  Although it was a clear soup, the stock was robust.  This is a typical Cantonese-style double-boiled soup, which is good nourishment for the body.

The next dish was the baked silver cod glaced with honey sauce and served with mixed fruits salad.  High marks go to the chef for this dish. The sides of the cod were a little crispy and the soft flesh tasted very fresh.  The honey sauce provided a tinge of sweetness.

The vegetable dish that came with the set menu was poached baby cabbage with bean curd skin in superior broth.  This was a simple dish and yet we enjoyed it.  The secret to this dish lies with the superior broth.  There were no other ingredients except the few pieces of bean curd skin and wolfberries in the dish.

Instead of noodles, the menu came with crispy rice served with assorted diced seafood.  It was just like porridge except that it was not gluey and the crispy rice was floating in the bowl of soup.  The stock of the soup was rich with the diced seafood.  It was well received.  Another restaurant that offers this outstanding dish is Lei Garden.

The dessert to end the meal was the refreshing chrysanthemum jelly with green apple.  The chef had added little pieces of sweet sour plum on top of the jelly.  This was a light dessert and the right finale to a well planned commemorative menu.

The extra dessert ordered from the dim sum dishes was the steamed Chinese thousand layer cake with salted egg yolk and egg custard.  The texture of the cake was soft and the salted egg yolk complemented well with the egg custard.

The serving staff were attentive and friendly and the tea cups were refilled constantly.  The renovated Peach Blossoms is the right place for corporate entertainment as the tables are well spaced out.  We will definitely return to try more of their dim sum dishes.

Address: Marina Mandarin (Level 5)

6 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039594

Opening Hours Daily: Lunch ‒ Noon to 2:30 pm

Dinner ‒ 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Reservations: +65-6845-1111

*The price for the Celebration Set Menu promotion is for a limited period only.  Check with the restaurant for the latest promotions and prices.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, Biz Daily pays for all the meals reviewed in Dining.