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Dining: Enjoying Special BBQ Char Siew at Oversea Restaurant

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Kuala Lumpur’s famous Chinese restaurant, Oversea Restaurant, opened its first branch in Singapore at Shaw Leisure Gallery in January 2011. Most people raved about its char siew and claimed it was the best. Biz Daily decided to check it out one Sunday.

The restaurant’s total seating capacity is 140 diners. There are two private rooms ‒ the big one can accommodate 24 and the seating for the small room is 10. The ambience is a typical Chinese restaurant that caters to the masses.

The special BBQ char siew (S$20 for a small portion) was definitely the most outstanding dish in the menu. It was tender and well marinated with the ends a little charred. In between the meat were fatty portions and these added flavour to the char siew. Lean meat tends to be tough and not juicy. If you are afraid of cholesterol, just remove the fatty portions. At S$20 for a small portion, it was on the pricey side.

The rest of the dishes were more like from “cze char” outlets. We were recommended to try the braised homemade beancurd with petola (S$12 for a small serving). The beancurd or tofu was first deep fried and then braised. The petola, which belongs to the gourd family, was well cooked till soft. The beancurd, together with the petola, was then cooked in savoury gravy.

Another recommended dish, the braised eggplant with ‘otak otak’, was quite a let-down. The dish was soaking in oil and we had to tilt the claypot to dish out the eggplant and the otak. The eggplant was soggy, which was not appealing.

It seems this restaurant is also noted for its claypot rice. We decided to order one to sample. The seasonal claypot rice with waxed meat (S$30 for a small portion) came piping hot. You need to order this dish well in advance as it took about 25 minutes to arrive. The waxed meat was not cooked in the rice but came separately.

When the cover of the claypot was opened, we could smell the sweet fragrance of the waxed meat although no meat was in it. The serving staff then added the sauce to the rice before adding the waxed meat. We ordered a mixed variety of the waxed meat comprising Chinese pork sausage, liver sausage and waxed duck. The three combined waxed meats were fragrant although the waxed duck was tough and chewy.

To round off the meal, we ordered a bowl each of almond cream with egg white (S$5 a bowl). The almond cream was smooth and the egg white was a good complement to the dessert. It was refreshing and not too sweet ‒ certainly a nice way to end our meal.

The serving staff were friendly and helpful. Our tea cups were promptly filled at intervals. The restaurant was quite well patronised when we went there. It must have a loyal following as the diners may have been acquainted with their outlets in Malaysia. For those who like “cze char” type of food, this is one restaurant they can go to. You will also not feel out of place if you come in Bermudas and T-shirts.

Address: 100 Beach Road

#01-27 to #01-37

Shaw Leisure Gallery

Shaw Tower

Singapore 189702

Opening Hours (Daily):

Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Tel: +65-6294-2638


Note: Unless otherwise stated, Biz Daily pays for all the meals reviewed in Dining.