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COE Premiums Climb in July First Bidding

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by Donavan Lim

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums for vehicles ended mostly higher at the close of the first bidding exercise in July.

With the exception of the Big Car category, COE premiums for all vehicles increased.

COE premiums for small cars (1,600cc and below and taxi) closed at S$59,421, up from S$59,004 in the previous bidding exercise on May 23.

For the Open Category, which is mostly used for big cars, prices ended up at S$86,999 as compared with S$84,389 previously.

For motorcycles, premiums increased to S$1,760, compared with S$1,712 in May 23 while premiums for goods vehicles and buses closed at S$55,556 from S$54,522 previously.

COE for big cars dipped S$3,111 to S$82,289.