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Broker’s Picks – 06/08/14

Broker’s Picks – 06/08/14 »

Singapore Post (HOLD; S$1.71)

The transformation of SingPost holds great promise for the group but time is still needed for it to fill

Broker’s Picks – 04/08/14

Broker’s Picks – 04/08/14 »

COSCO Corp (SELL; S$0.61)

COSCO Corp reported a 29 per cent YoY rise in revenue to S$1.15b and a 19 per cent increase

Broker’s Picks – 01/08/14

Broker’s Picks – 01/08/14 »

United Overseas Bank (REDUCE; S$23.55)

We consider 2Q14 results as in-line. Key negatives were 1) margin pressures rearing its ugly head again; 2)

Broker’s Picks – 31/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 31/07/14 »

SMRT Corporation (HOLD; S$1.65)

We bump up our FY15 and FY16 PATMI projections by 18.8 per cent and 8.8 per cent, respectively. We

Broker’s Picks – 30/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 30/07/14 »

Soilbuild REIT (BUY; S$0.88)

Soilbuild Business Space REIT (Soilbuild REIT) reported 2Q14 DPU of 1.50 S cents, ahead of its prospectus forecasts by

Broker’s Picks – 29/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 29/07/14 »

SIA Engineering (HOLD; S$4. 71)

The trend of lower overhaul work is predicted to stay as regional airline capacity growth is primarily in

Broker’s Picks – 25/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 25/07/14 »

CapitaMall Trust (HOLD; S$2.11)

CMT’s results were within expectations, with 1H14 DPU making up c.48 per cent of our full-year forecast. Although sequentially

Broker’s Picks – 24/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 24/07/14 »

Sheng Siong Group (ADD; S$0.79)

1H14 net profit beat expectations as margins were higher than expected, likely due to 1) cost savings from

BROKER’S PICKS – 23/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 23/07/14 »

Frasers Centrepoint Trust (ADD; S$2.18)

FCT continued to grow operationally during the quarter. Portfolio occupancy grew to 98.5 per cent from 96.8 per

BROKER’S PICKS – 22/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 22/07/14 »

Singapore Banks (NEUTRAL)

We believe OCBC has the most scope to surprise on the upside as its outsize investment book might have benefited

Broker’s Picks – 21/07/14

Broker’s Picks – 21/07/14 »

Nera Telecommunications Ltd (NOT RATED)

However, the share price at S$0.77 could have incorporated all the short-term positives. We estimate Nera’s value at

BROKER’S PICKS – 18/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 18/07/14 »

Ezion Holdings (BUY; S$2.95)

Ezion has secured two charter contracts: 1) to provide a refurbished jackup to an East European-based oil major over