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BROKER’S PICKS – 11/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 11/07/14 »

OUE Limited (BUY; S$2.80)

One Raffles Place (ORP) mall – the largest mall in Raffles Place – has 98,500 sq ft of NLA

BROKER’S PICKS – 10/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 10/07/14 »

Ezion Holdings (Underperform; S$1.80)

We initiate coverage of Ezion with an UNDERPERFORM rating and a target price of S$1.80. While Ezion has typically

BROKER’S PICKS – 09/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 09/07/14 »

China Economic Update 

We estimate China’s GDP rebounded to +7.6 per cent yoy in 2Q14 from +7.4 per cent yoy in 1Q14 given

BROKER’S PICKS – 08/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 08/07/14 »

Sinarmas Land (BUY; S$1.01)

Sinarmas Land (AFP SP) Price Close Relative to Straits Times Index (RHS) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

BROKER’S PICKS – 07/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 07/07/14 »

Aviation Industry (NEUTRAL)

We maintain Hold on the overall aviation sector and also on MAHB. We lower estimates for MAHB on weaker near-term

BROKER’S PICKS – 04/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 04/07/14 »

Singapore Property

Dry retail space supply in Orchard pipeline over 2015-17 could set up a crunch ahead A dearth of upcoming projects in

BROKER’S PICKS – 03/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 03/07/14 »

Frasers Centrepoint Ltd (ADD; S$2.09)

FCL has confirmed its takeover offer of ALZ after completing due diligence. We continue to believe that the

BROKER’S PICKS – 02/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 02/07/14 »

Nam Cheong (BUY; S$0.45)

We anticipate NCL announcing a series of orders to close off FY13. We also take this opportunity to roll

BROKER’S PICKS – 01/07/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 01/07/14 »

SPH REIT (ADD; S$1.06)

Using DDM-based (discount rate of 7.7 per cent), we arrive at a target price of S$1.06, translating to implied

BROKER’S PICKS – 30/06/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 30/06/14 »

Overseas Education (HOLD; S$0.98)

Tuition fees raised 6-10 per cent for school year beginning Aug 14 and prekindergarten fees are raised by as

BROKER’S PICKS – 27/06/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 27/06/14 »

Ascendas REIT (HOLD; S$2.40)

Ascendas REIT (AREIT) announced the proposed acquisition of Hyflux Innovation Centre (HIC) for a purchase consideration of S$191.2m. The

BROKER’S PICKS – 26/06/14

BROKER’S PICKS – 26/06/14 »

CWT Limited (BUY; S$2.08)

Core logistics business goes from strength to strength. Broad-based revenue growth and higher rate renewals drove top line improvement