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Broker’s Picks – 04/04/14

Broker’s Picks – 04/04/14 »

Raffles Medical Group (ADD; S$3.68)

RFMD’s asset-heavy approach is timely. The use of gearing is a good departure from its conservative style previously

Broker’s Picks – 03/04/14

Broker’s Picks – 03/04/14 »

Noble Group (REDUCE; S$1.12)

In a highly-anticipated move amid the recent wave of global consolidation in the agribusiness, Noble has entered into a

Broker’s Picks – 02/04/14

Broker’s Picks – 02/04/14 »

Golden Agri-Resources (HOLD; S$0.60)

We detected good interest from investors during Golden Agri’s recent NDR in the US due to the more buoyant

Broker’s Picks – 01/04/14

Broker’s Picks – 01/04/14 »

OSIM International (BUY; S$3.04)

We continue to like Osim for its operational excellence and strong market positioning, notwithstanding the recent bankruptcy of its

Broker’s Picks – 31/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 31/03/14 »

CSE Global (S$0.96; BUY)

Following the successful divestment of CSE Global’s entire shareholding interest in Servelec Group in Dec last year, we believe

Broker’s Picks – 28/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 28/03/14 »

Ascendas Hospitality Trust (HOLD; S$0.73)

Ascendas Hospitality Trust (A-HTRUST) has entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement to acquire Osaka Namba Washington

Broker’s Picks – 27/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 27/03/14 »

Singapore Post (ADD; S$1.55)

With its low-cost distribution network and active acquisitions in the region, we believe that SingPost is ready to meet

Broker’s Picks – 26/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 26/03/14 »

CDL Hospitality (BUY; S$1.75)

A total of 8,096 new rooms from known hotel projects will come on-stream between 2014 and 2016, according to

Broker’s Picks – 25/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 25/03/14 »

Ascott Residence Trust (HOLD; S$1.23)

ART recently announced its acquisition of Infini Garden in Fukuoka, Japan for JPY6.3bn (c.S$78.4 million). With an expected

Broker’s Picks – 24/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 24/03/14 »

StarHill Global REIT (HOLD; S$0.80)

SGREIT just announced that it has successfully divested the Holon L property in Tokyo at a 6.0 per cent

Broker’s Picks – 21/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 21/03/14 »

Suntec REIT (BUY; S$1.85)

Private placement of 218.1 million new units Suntec REIT announced yesterday that it will be issuing 218.1m new units

Broker’s Picks – 20/03/14

Broker’s Picks – 20/03/14 »

SingTel (BUY; S$3.74)

SingTel has recently won the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil broadcast rights on an exclusive basis. This means that it