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Biz Marketplace: BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Grand Connoisseur Humidor in Hand-crafted Housing

Refined enjoyment in owning exquisite objects can come from a collection of top quality cigars, just like owning very special watches. These two expressions of passion are often united in one and the same person.

The Grand Connoisseur from BUBEN&ZÖRWEG includes the latest humidor technology in a luxurious masterpiece of craftsmanship. Its humidification system offers high-quality cigars a perfect micro-climate controlled by precision electronics.

Cigars keep their character for decades and mature to aromatic perfection. The ideal ambience for an exclusive cigar collection is accompanied by hand-crafted housing, which is available in macassar, walnut or ebony argento, and an interior made from Spanish cedar wood with customisable marquetry.

Technical Features of Grand Connoisseur

  • An integrated air circulation function ensures the circulated air is distributed evenly on every level and guarantees maximum precision control. The air inside the humidor is re-circulated every 10 minutes.
  • Its large water reservoir enables a longer operating time (approximately two months) without refilling.
  • Cleaning option improvements (without tools) facilitate maintenance and care.
  • The new acoustic reminder system will not let you forget to top up the reservoir if the required humidity level is not attained.

Other Grand Connoisseur Features

  • Humidor for 1,000 cigars
  • Finest German craftsmanship
  • Hand-crafted housing with macassar, walnut root or ebony argento,

silk matt or high-gloss lacquer finish

  • Interior in Spanish cedar wood for ideal aroma development
  • Four port-holes encased in stainless steel
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology
  • German high-security lock


  • Absolute constant humidity
  • Automatic contamination protection
  • Fully electronic water level indicator
  • High-precision sensors (measuring error guaranteed lower than 2 per cent)
  • Air conduit system for optimal distribution of humidity
  • Integrated air circulation function for maximum precision control
  • Acoustic reminder system for humidor functionality
  • Large water reservoir
  • Easy to clean without tools
  • Suitable for cigar ageing (long-term storage over several decades)


  • 470 x 1.795 x 454 mm
  • 105 kg
  • Mains Operation


Tel: +43-3685-22480 (Ext 62)

Fax: +43-3685-22501