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Biz Supplements: AICE 2011 Part 4

Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition (AICE) 2011 – Investing in Today’s Uncertain Climate

Today, investors have more options than those of our parents. With global interconnectivity, high speed internet and continuous trading, the possibilities are endless. With the opportunities growing, it is important to learn more about the products we invest in before putting down our hard earned monies.

At AICE 2011, investors can find a variety of financial institutions that embrace the importance of investor education and empower investors to make informed investment decisions. While each institution is unique in providing solutions to help investors build wealth, investors will have a wide array of investment options available to them that had not been seen before.

Huge turnout at AICE 2010

Wealth Creation and Management

“A startling number of 400,000 newly-minted millionaires emerged in Asia between 2006 and 2009, notwithstanding the global financial crisis. This shows the growing importance of managing wealth for the growing affluent in Asia. In the sharing sessions, the participants will learn about the importance of riding the investment wave prudently by using a well-diversified portfolio and being in tune with key investment strategies,” said Mah Ching Cheng, Head of Investment Communications at DBS Bank.

“Markets were plagued by issues related to the worries over the softening of the US economy and Eurozone debt issues in the second quarter. Despite the uncertainties, we believe that the global economy and corporate earnings should continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace. The correction in risky asset markets that we predicted in the previous quarter is likely to have run its course and there are prospects of a rebound in the third quarter. With that as our base-case scenario, our tactical view is towards increasing our weights on equities (particularly Asia-Pacific excluding Japan equities) and reducing our weight on cash,” Mah said.

Cost Effective Diversification

With rising inflation, low interest rates and market uncertainty, investors are increasingly facing the challenge of finding the right investment tools. One of the investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), have begun to gain popularity among retail investors globally and recently in Singapore. “ETFs, in reshaping the way investors build and manage portfolios, are a testament to the appeal of their core benefits, which include diversification, lower fees and expenses, liquidity and transparency,” State Street Global Advisors said.

Participants listening attentively to a presentation at AICE 2010

Stable Yield

Investors are also looking for more instruments that can make their monies work harder to provide a better return and meet the growing Singaporean appetite for property investments. Asian real estate investment trusts (REITs) provide both stable dividend yields and potential upside.

Over the past five years, market capitalisation has swelled by 60 per cent from US$62 billion at the end of 2006 to over US$100 billion in 2011. Strong economic growth and increased appetite for real estate investments in Asia have made Asian REITs a popular way of investing in real estate.

“What are the benefits of investing in Asian REITs? What are the major trends shaping the future growth and sustainability of the Asian REIT market? Why should you invest? Where are the best opportunities? This session will examine the growth of the Asian REIT and Singapore REIT markets, its current performance, and what lies ahead,” Dr Boaz Boon, Senior Vice President, Corporate Research Department of CapitaLand Limited, said. Dr Boon will shed more light at AICE 2011.

Safeguard Your Interests

While focusing on wealth accumulation, especially for building a retirement nest, is important, life can be unpredictable. “Old age, an accident or a stroke can rob us of our capacity to make our own decisions. What will happen to the wealth we have worked so hard to build up then? Is there a trusted proxy decision maker(s) we have already appointed to manage our financial matters on our behalf then? Or to take care of our personal welfare matters?” a spokesperson from The Office of the Public Guardian, the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports, said.

Such pre-planning can be made simply by making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). A LPA is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint a person(s) he trusts to be his proxy decision maker in the areas of his personal welfare, property and other matters.

Learn how to incorporate a LPA as a key component of holistic pre-planning. Not only will it give you and your loved ones certainty and peace of mind, it will also ensure that your best interests will be safeguarded if you become vulnerable.

Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition (AICE) 2011

Date: 23-24 July 2011

Venue: Hall 404, Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

Organiser: SIAS

Admission: Free

You will get to meet some 40 exhibitors at AICE 2011. With more than 50 free seminars and educational talks for investors to choose from, AICE 2011 will be a learning experience for all. Visitors can also win S$10,000 cash and attractive lucky draw prizes! For more information and the conference schedule, visit