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Biz Supplements: AICE 2011 Part 1

This year marks the third Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition (AICE) 2011 to be held at Suntec Convention Centre (Suntec Hall 404) on July 23 and 24, which is slightly over a week away. We caught up with Mr David Gerald, founder President and CEO of Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) and the one responsible for AICE, to give us a little insight into this year’s upcoming event.

AICE 2010 Opening Ceremony

Biz Daily:  Why did you start AICE?

Mr Gerald: Many investors are still investing without knowledge. Before choosing a product for investment, they must know the features and risks of the product. They need to know why they are investing, and how to cope with unexpected circumstances affecting their investment. SIAS has, therefore, been focusing on investor education to improve investors’ knowledge. We have, on the average, been running about 50 seminars and workshops a year. But we wanted a means to get more investors to interact with listed companies, financial institutions and educationalists, and to understand investments from across the region. That was how AICE was born.

Biz Daily: Can you tell us more about this year’s theme?

Mr Gerald: The theme this year is “Stretching your dollar”.  With inflation at about 5 per cent and with saving rates at less than 1 per cent per annum, investors will have to make their money work harder to achieve their goals.  “Stretching your dollar” is also about understanding the stretching of your investments beyond just shares or savings or unit trusts. Investors must learn about the various products and instruments to have a diversified portfolio of products and not put all your eggs into one basket.

Participants at AICE 2010

Biz Daily: What can investors expect from this year’s event?

Mr Gerald: There are more than 50 free investment seminars that investors can choose to attend over the two days. These cover a range of topics from the latest market outlook, to educational talks on Financial Planning, ETFs, REITs, Forex, Stocks, Property and updates from listed companies. It is always important to stay updated to make informed decisions.

AICE focuses on the listed companies where we showcase growth companies with good investment prospects to the investors. Investors don’t get many chances to meet with the senior management, hence it’ll be a good opportunity for them to interact at AICE and gain a better understanding about the companies taking part.

We also have a dedicated panel discussion for youths to relate to youths. The objective is to look at what the trends are in investing today and what tools young investors are using or can consider to use in today’s investment climate.

Visitors to AICE can have a free health check and also a free financial health check. In addition, there will be prizes to be won this year. Visitors can stand a chance to win the grand prize of S$10,000 cash. All they need to do is come to AICE, attend five seminars and answer three simple questions to qualify. There are daily lucky draws too.

Biz Daily: Lastly, do you have any advice for investors attending AICE?

Mr Gerald: Come to the event and make full use of the opportunity to learn from the investment experts. Get yourself updated with the market trends and be equipped with the financial knowledge. These will be useful and beneficial for your investment journey. Remember, investing without knowledge is a gamble. If you invest in knowledge, you’ll succeed in investing.

Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition (AICE) 2011

Date: 23-24 July 2011

Venue: Hall 404, Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

Organiser: SIAS

Admission: Free

For more information and the conference schedule, please visit