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Biz Sage: Thomas J. Stanley on Career

“Given a chance beyond love and physical attractiveness, I prefer to marry a woman who can manage a business.”

– Thomas J. Stanley

Successful professionals know that having a supportive spouse is a huge asset. According to Thomas J. Stanley in The Millionaire Mind, your spouse will also influence how well you do in business. Stanley’s research reveals that most millionaires consider their spouse one of the main reasons they were able to achieve their financial goals.

From being a support team when you decide to change careers, to cutting coupons when you lose your job, or being a cheerleader when you close a great deal, your spouse’s actions affect your ability to do your job well. And while a good partner is integral to the profitability of any company, a supportive spouse who understands your business is just as critical to your personal success.

Just like a business, running a household requires keeping a balance sheet. Compulsive spending, wasteful purchases, and lack of saving all add up to the No. 1 reason people get divorced: irreconcilable differences over money. Planning a life with someone often does not include discussions about financial habits, but it should. If you already have differences in spending habits and you need to make changes, do so by setting a good example. Whatever you do, don’t ignore it. Angry, bitter, broke, and alone is not the way to retire.