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Biz Sage: John L. Evans on Sales

“The terrible thing about pride in the business development process (and relationships in general) is that it squelches what could have been.”

– John L. Evans

Using a knowledgeable and confident approach with a prospective customer is paramount to closing the deal. But there is a fine line between conveying solid information about your product and boasting about it. Pride is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins. In business, pride can kill a deal in the cradle.

With a successful career in medical sales and real estate behind him, John L. Evans parlayed his business experience into a unique system to train “persuasion executives” – salesmen – to grow their business. Evans placed a high value on giving advice in the art of persuasion. By advising a prospect rather than telling him – or worse still, lecturing him about the product or service – the customer will feel like both of you are in partnership. The grateful customer will in turn generate more business for you by bringing in others to know what he has learnt from you and take advantage of your product.

Arrogance or hard-sell boasting to new prospects can squelch the possibility of establishing an enduring partnership. To develop a winning and lasting business relationship, sincere interest in wanting to help your customer is sales gold.