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“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

-Bill Cosby

In the fickle world of entertainment, where actor-comedian Bill Cosby plies his craft, studios make their products by relying on a collective process. Scripts usually have multiple rewrites with various screenwriters before they can go to production.

Typically, various endings are shot during production to target certain demographics. The rough cut, usually the director’s choice of how he envisions the movie to be, is then dissected by the corporate “suits”. Hand-picked audiences screen the final product and are polled for their opinions. As a result, too much input from too many “contributors” have led to the failure of many movies and TV shows.

This lack of a singular vision can wreck havoc on a business. From contradictory policies to divisions competing for the same resources, a good leader must understand the impor- tance of decisiveness. By defining the company’s purpose and focusing on getting quality products distributed, a leader can maintain the company’s vision. But, what Bill Cosby is referring to is leadership by committee – which basically is a recipe for disaster.

It is okay to consult others, but always stay focused. If you do not, your business associates will sense your indecision and slant their advice toward meeting their own personal agen- das. Never forget; your indecision can and will become your worst enemy unless you learn to counter it.

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