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Biz Health: Andropause

Guys, sit up! Menopause is not just a woman’s problem. Statistics show that close to half of males aged 40 to 60 years old will experience some degree of male menopause, more commonly known as Andropause, in their lifetime.

So what exactly is andropause and is it the same as a mid-life crisis? Simply put, Andropause is the decline of testosterone levels in men. Men who suffer from Andropause are frequently diagnosed as having mid-life crisis, hence they are not given the proper treatments.

A mid-life crisis is a psychological concern, not a physical health issue. It occurs when men reach a point in life when they have little challenges or achievements to look forward to. Major shifts in career, marriage and parenting often occur during this period. These drastic changes often lead to feelings of confusion and depression, more commonly known as a mid-life crisis.

How is andropause different?

In contrast, andropause is a real physiological phenomenon that results from a decline in testosterone production and affects several aspects of physical and emotional well-being. These include but are not limited to hot flushes, sweating, mood changes, loss of libido, abdominal obesity and decreased muscle strength.

A less obvious effect is osteoporosis. Dubbed the silent killer, osteoporosis is often not attributed to andropause because the relationship is not that obvious. However, it is estimated that one in eight men over the age of 50 has osteoporosis, and many of these cases could be due to andropause.

What can I do?

Fortunately, there are several ways to cope with andropause. Follow these steps for a healthier and more energetic you:

• Avoid excess weight gain or loss • Maintain a healthy diet • Indulge in moderate but regular physical activity • Moderate alcohol intake • Stop smoking

However, if you find that the above suggestions do not work well, you may wish to consider testosterone replacement therapy.

Your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and the years beyond can be healthy and virile ages, filled with positive energy and the fullness of life – a great time to enjoy the fruits of your life’s labour. Take some time to talk to your doctor today if you feel you are suffering from andropause. Don’t let andropause take away your golden years!

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