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Biz Events: Pre-School Music Education in Singapore Gets Endorsement from London College of Music

by Ernie B. Calucag

Professor John Howard of London College of Music and Ms Flora Lim of Seimpi School of Music

Early childhood music education in Singapore has been taken to another level as local institution Seimpi School of Music and London College of Music on Thursday signed a partnership agreement for a more effective and world-class delivery of music education for young Singaporeans.

Under the agreement, Seimpi’s trademark pre-school music programme, Music for the Intelligent Minds (MIM), will now be subjected to an assessment system designed by a team of teachers at Seimpi and approved by London College of Music Examinations (LCME).

This is the first time the LCME, part of the University of West London, has endorsed a pre-school programme outside of the UK.

“LCME recognises Seimpi as an important organisation in the delivery of pre-school music education. The examinations board supports Seimpi’s early childhood music programme as it aims to nurture and inspire pre-school children through music education, in a positive and encouraging manner,” said Professor John Howard, Director, LCME.

The three levels of assessment in the MIM programme will be vigorously monitored and strictly supervised by LCME. LCME selected six music teachers from Seimpi to participate in the assessment.

“This agreement with LCME is an important milestone, not only for Seimpi, but for pre-school music education in Singapore. Gaining recognition from a world-renowned music examination board speaks volumes about our local music educators,” said Flora Lim, Principal of Seimpi.

Seimpi launched the MIM programme in 2002 for children from 4 months old to 7 years old. Registered under the Ministry of Education, Singapore, the MIM programme is currently running in Seimpi’s four branches, and is incorporated into core programmes and enrichment courses in kindergartens and childcare centres, such as Learning Vision and PCF Sparkletots.

The MIM programme has five main modules: performance, singing skill, rhythmic sense, memory skill/speed reading, and theory. These modules have been identified to be crucial in a child’s early years to ensure a smooth transition to advance learning.

The assessment in Seimpi centres will be conducted twice a year. The first batch will be assessed in August this year.