BizDaily is a partner-owned, property investment management and advisory company, based in 2010. We operate a highly concentrated, global investment system, pursuing independent, different strategies in the USA, Europe and Asia. Our senior staff members have a history of working together, making a seasoned and stable base for our system. Our principal focus would be to create disciplined investments in markets in which our deeply entrenched teams have 25 decades of expertise and utilizing our in-house asset management experience to produce value for our customers.

Our Approach

Our committed regional teams aim middle-market chances in gateway cities in the USA, Europe and Asia, in which we think we can boost value and create strong unlevered yields. We use our market knowledge and networks to supply off-market chances where we view pricing discounts and promote inefficiencies. We then try to boost value farther by executing energetic asset repositioning, leasing, refurbishment and redevelopment strategies, together with hands-on participation in daily operations. We’re an institutional asset manager, dedicated to serving our customers, together with nimble regional groups to capitalize on the best market opportunities.